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Sat, 12 Mar 2011
Trade swings to largest deficit in 7 years
CHINA swung to a surprise trade deficit in February of US$7.3 billion, it’s largest in seven years, as the Lunar New Year holidays dealt a sharper blow to export activity than had been expected. It was China’s first trade deficit since March last year and its biggest since February 2004. China exports grew 2.4 percent in February from a year earlier, the customs agency said Thursday, well short of forecasts for a rise of 26.2 percent. Imports increased 19.4 percent, missing market expectations of a 32.3 percent increase. Chinese exports typically slump at the start of the year, with the country’s factories shut or running at half speed for weeks because of China’s New Year holidays, which fell in the first week of February. China ran a US$6.5 billion trade surplus in January and averaged US$15 billion a month last year. With import growth set to outpace export growth, China was hoping to narrow its trade surplus for the third straight year, Commerce Minister Chen Deming said earlier this week.

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Thu, 22 Jul 2010
Dalian oil spill
Ports across the country will soon experience operational overhauls to prevent another oil spill like the one in Dalian, Northeast China's Liaoning province. In the wake of the accident, the Ministry of Transport, which oversees port operations, circulated a notice on Thursday urging local transport authorities to check on all ports handling dangerous chemicals by August. Special teams will be sent periodically to patrol at major oil and chemical ports to help detect hidden hazards, according to the notice. Ports handling oil, liquefied chemicals and gases are required to carry out checkups on themselves every two years. They should also prepare an emergency response plan and carry out drills, the notice said. The ministry said it also plans to establish a database of all ports that handle dangerous articles. An explosion rocked an oil pipeline by 0.9 meters in diameter at 6:20 pm on July 16, triggering an adjacent smaller pipeline to explode near Dalian Xingang Port. Both pipelines are owned by China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC). The blasts unleashed a massive oil slick, and according to Monday's official survey results, about 366 square km of ocean were affected, including 52 square km that were polluted, and 12 square km that were classified as "severely" polluted. On Thursday, local authorities were still making all-out efforts to contain the oil spill, mobilizing hundreds of fishing boats, specialized cleaning vessels, "oil-eating" bacteria and volunteers to reduce the environmental impact of the spill. Many volunteers are using their hands to clean up the oil in the water and the beaches. Dalian is one of China's major oil production and distribution hubs. It also has popular beaches, many of which were closed after crude washed up on them. The Shenyang Evening Post, a newspaper based in Liaoning's provincial capital Shenyang, reported on Thursday that oil had penetrated at least 30 cm into the sand at Poshiwan Beach. The report also said three major aquaculture areas off the Dalian coast are under threat. Clean-up workers are racing to clear the oil as quickly as possible. Firefighter Zhang Liang, 25, drowned on Tuesday after a wave slammed him into the sea as he worked to clean a boat pump. Amid the cleanup efforts, an oil tanker stopped at the Dalian Xingang Port on Thursday, the first tanker to do so since the explosion of the pipelines. The tanker is scheduled to take on 35,000 tons of oil. Loading operations have yet to begin. Meanwhile, the oil pipeline connecting Dalian Xingang Port and Dalian Petrochemicals that exploded has been repaired and has resumed operations. blogspot blog maycc1 vox thoughts blog co uk

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Fri, 04 Jun 2010
strategy for higher
The number of candidates appearing for the national college entrance examinations has declined for the second year in a row after peaking in 2008. This being the case, institutions of higher learning have to carefully weigh the need for expanding enrollments. The national strategy for higher education also has to be adjusted. Candidates from rural areas have been on the up, and their total number now forms 61.9 percent of the more than 9.57 million taking these exams. It is positive to witness the possibility of more rural students getting a chance to receive higher education. Yet, the question is whether most of these graduates will land jobs in cities. If they do, urban employment, particularly in big cities, will come under heavy pressure. If they do not, then where would they apply their university learning? The medical universities directly under the auspices of the Ministry of Education will enroll 5,000 students from rural areas this year. These students will receive education free of charge for five years after which they return to work in hospitals in their hometowns. This indeed serves the needs of their relatively underdeveloped hometowns. In fact, hospitals in many poor towns are badly in need of professionally trained doctors while those in cities are overstaffed. In such a scenario, the above plan will help solve the problem. These graduates will not only help improve the quality of healthcare in underdeveloped towns but will also not need to search for jobs after their graduation. Similar ideas are needed to staff underdeveloped regions with badly needed professionals in other fields, thus creating better job opportunities for graduates. Links:Plate Heat Exchanger hkplate heat exchangerChina lawyersChina taxChina company setuppicnic baskets wholesalelaundry baskets wholesale

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Wed, 02 Dec 2009
Good-bye, sad
Good-bye, sad Day passes day by day Youth of sighing over two words with feeling and taking the lead at the very beginning Go straight towards three soon Time, this thing, is still really cruel There won't be time to consider Have already become reality Thought that it will be no longer sad to change another life style In fact change in any case The true desires in the heart of hearts of people are always unable to understand accurately Change a life style Just the way has changed The essence content is still like this Everything that I have been liking the false appearance all the time The hope is always bright Reality is not like this Why have I been so sad all the time Do not understand until I today I have been living for him all the time Only one one of reason to live on It is my family Why say the so shocking words Reason to live on Really some let people feel uneasy in such a wording I have been a person who suspects doctrine all the time So I am always uneasy There is not a kind of sense of safety from small to large Have passed for a lot of years I have not already become talkative The angrier, the more reticent I am Silence is stronger than any language I want to wave Say goodbye to the sadness RELATED LINKS: Electric Welding MachineHose FittingsSkin Care|Point of SaleFrontline Tick,Flea Remedies gt1

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This lowpriced person of the love
This lowpriced person of the love Pass the time in the bookstore on some day Leaf through a magazine accidentally The striking article title especially attracts me " this lowpriced person of the love " Can not remember any content Have not looked carefully either I always remember that it is the title Though is a bit unkind and unsightly But very accurate Pass the park in the morning See a boy is holding a big bunch of roses Remember it is Valentine's Day today Recall now Receive the boy's rose for the first time In the university The senior apprentice of a department of mathematics sent Need to especially prove This senior apprentice can not pay court to It is excessive to stimulate Put that big bunch of roses in the plastic barrel Mention the sending of one of girl's one dormitory Afternoon is seen again two junior school students are riding the motor by the gymnasium The little girl is holding a big bunch of red roses too A gust of wind It seems that it is happy to fill the air in the air Said sweet-smellingly and sweet-smellingly: "Give the rose before getting married Get married, give the rape flower " In fact I feel very good What happened to the rape flower How goodlooking the glittering one is Not merely practical Can also eat I am a layman Vulgar and incomparable Want magnificent form of so much nihility to do something It is the absolute principle to be practical RELATED LINKS: Paint|Painting|Oil Painting|Art|Chinese Furniture| China Market|Electronic.

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